Some fact about weft hair extensions that you may not already know

On the market for hair extensions around the world, few people can deny the existence of and demand for weft hair extensions wholesale. This post was prepared for you if you intend to attend the hair business and are interested in finding out more about weft hair extensions.

What are weft hair extensions?

Weft hair extensions are a form of extension that have been sewed to make a little bundle. These bundles are then wefted into the extension. After that, the hair is passed through a machine that strengthens the stitch at the root of each individual hair on your head, giving you the appearance of having a long hairline thanks to weft hair extensions. It is clear that weft hair extensions wholesale are one of the types of wholesale hair extensions that most people in this market are aware of. In addition to weft hair extensions, people are also classified based on the origin or grade of the hair extensions.

Not only at the present time, but since the appearance of hair extensions, weft hair extensions wholesale have been favored by most users. The reason for this is the convenience of weft hair extensions:

What are weft hair extensions?
  • Basically, weft hair extensions give you a new look in a more positive direction. Not only people with hair loss, baldness or thinning hair, everyone can have beautiful and longer hair with weft hair extensions.
  • Whether it is to apply or spend, it is very easy and fast with weft hair extensions. Depending on the type of weft hair extensions wholesale, the application time will be different, but the hair salon will support you in this. So the only thing you need to do is wait for about 1-2 hours and own as beautiful hair as you want.
  • Investing in weft hair extensions is a cost-effective option for beauty treatments. With proper care, your weft hair extensions can last from 2 to 3 months or even more. Thanks to weft hair extensions, you don’t need to invest in hair extensions or any other chemicals.

Indeed, there are many people who want to enter the hair extensions market with weft hair extensions wholesale. But actually there are many different types of weft hair extensions that are divided according to many criteria, so if you are still confused about which weft hair extensions wholesale to invest in, then please read the next paragraph to give you an idea. Make the decision easier.

Popular types of weft hair extensions

As mentioned above, there are many different types of weft hair extensions. Here, we classify weft hair extensions according to 2 criteria: application and production.

Types of weft hair extensions are divided by application method

There are 3 main types of weft hair extensions wholesale popular in the world:

  • Clip-in weft hair extensions: It’s preferable to use clip-in weft hair extensions if you’re looking for a rapid increase in volume or length that you can pull out and put back in at any time. As long as you store them properly, clip-in weft hair extensions may survive up to a year. However, we do not recommend putting clip-in weft hair extensions in for lengthy periods of time or overnight. This may cause breakage and dryness in your hair very rapidly.
Tape-in weft hair extensions
  • Tape-in weft hair extensions: Attachment methods using tape in weft hair extensions are considered to be semi-permanent. tape in weft hair extensions utilize a small strip of adhesive that lays exactly on top of the hair and quickly adheres to your natural locks. You should get around 6–8 weeks of use out of tape in weft hair extensions.
  • Sew-in weft hair extensions: Cornrows of natural hair are braided before the application of sew-in weft hair extensions. Needles and thread are used to attach the sew-in weft hair extensions to the braided hair. Those with naturally thin hair should steer clear of sew-in weft hair extensions because of the application method itself. A four-hour application sew-in weft hair extensions procedure might be grueling, since it is a tight and strained technique of submitting your information.

Types of weft hair extensions are divided by production method

According to the technique used in the manufacturing of weft hair extensions wholesale:

  • Machine-made weft hair extensions: Weft hair extensions that are machine-made are produced by using machines. The general mass manufacture of machine-made weft hair extensions has a cheap price, but the authenticity is substandard, making  machine-made weft hair extensions heavier and of worse quality. Breathability is simple to create an obstruction in the hair follicle and simple to tie a knot.
Hand-tied weft hair extensions is the best
  • Hand-tied weft hair extensions: The hand-tied weft hair extensions is constructed entirely by hand hooking with pure breath, resulting in a very realistic and wearable piece. Only a small percentage of individuals are aware that hand-tied weft hair extensions offer the appearance of genuine hair. It is because of this that hand-tied weft hair extensions at wholesale price are more expensive than machine-made wefts. Although hand-tied weft hair extensions are expensive, yet many individuals opt to use them because they want their hair to look natural and feel comfortable.

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