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Vietnam is well-known for creating high-quality clothing at reasonable prices, making it a favorite destination for shops all over the world. In this post, we’ll look at the elements that influence Vietnam t-shirt price as well as how to find the finest Vietnamese t-shirts at the best costs.

Vietnam t-shirt price for some popular kinds of tees

Vietnam t-shirt price differs depending on numerous criteria such as fabric high standards, design, and retail location. 

Vietnam t-shirt price for some common materials

T-shirts are an essential part of everyone’s wardrobe. The material that is used to produce a piece of clothing is a significant factor that influences its pricing. Check out the table below to see how fabric impacts Vietnam t-shirt price.

  • Cotton: The fabric made from cotton is the most popular material for creating T-shirts due to its numerous advantages. Cotton fabric is thus made from a mixture of chemical compounds and lightweight cotton fibers. As a result, cotton fabric has features such as good perspiration absorption, cooling, ease of coloring, and mildew and mold resistance. Cotton T-shirts in Vietnam are often priced higher than others. According to the color and amount chosen, the Vietnam t-shirt price for one hundred percent cotton spandex fabric costs between $6 and $8 USD per kilogram.
  • Polyester: Poly is a synthetic fabric made from chemical alcohol and acid. T-shirts created from PE features thickness, relatively efficient fireproofing and waterproofing, and a high resilience. Vietnam t-shirt price for artificial polyester fibers have varying equivalent prices, ranging from 0.55 to 4 USD/kg, depending on the materials used, quality, color, label, and product. 
  • Linen: Linen material not only absorbs and evaporates fast, but it can also resist extreme humidity without making the wearer feel damp. As a result, this is regarded as the best option for producing T-shirts. The price of linen textiles for Vietnam t-shirt price fluctuates between 2.5 and 4 USD.
Vietnam t-shirt price for some common materials

Vietnam t-shirt price for some well-known designs

A t-shirt’s design can also influence its pricing. T-shirts with sophisticated designs or unusual patterns tend to be more expensive than basic t-shirts. The following are approximate Vietnam t-shirt price for various popular t-shirts:

  • Basic t-shirt: Basic simple T-shirts can range in price from five bucks to fifty bucks, with the average being approximately $15 to $20.
  • Retro-styled t-shirt: Vietnam t-shirt price may differ from roughly $20 for a simple, well-worn tee to upwards of a hundred dollars for an extremely uncommon or extremely desirable design. 
  • Print or graphic t-shirt: Basic print t-shirts can range in price from ten dollars to $30, while the typical price being between $15 to $20.

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Factors influencing Vietnam t-shirt price

The pricing is the first consideration when purchasing a T-shirt. The following factors influence the Vietnam t-shirt price: fabric materials, patterns/images, amount of T-shirts, style, and facility.

The price of a Vietnam T-shirt is determined by the fabric used

Varied fabrics have varied manufacturing prices, which may influence the finished Vietnam t-shirt price.

  • One of the most important factors influencing T-shirt production costs is the expense of the material itself. Natural fibers, such as cotton or linen, are typically more pricey than synthetic fabrics, such as polyester or nylon. Cotton, for example, necessitates a more complicated growing and harvesting procedure, which might make it a bit more costly than synthetic materials, which can be produced more quickly. As a result, the fabric chosen will influence the material cost and, ultimately, the final cost of Vietnam t-shirt price.
  • The cost of an item of clothing is also affected by its manufacturing process. Because of the material used, the sort of technology and personnel required to make the fabric may differ. Natural fibers necessitate a more complicated and time-consuming manufacturing procedure than synthetic fibers. Another component influencing production Vietnam t-shirt price is the dying procedure.
  • The fabric’s quality also has a considerable impact on the manufacturing cost and end product pricing. Because of the quality control methods and additional efforts necessary to assure a consistent and outstanding product, high-quality fabrics are more expensive.
The Vietnam t-shirt price is determined by the fabric used

The price of a T-shirt is determined by the patterns and graphics printed on it

The Vietnam t-shirt price may vary depending on the design’s difficulty, the colors utilized, and the measurement of the graphic or pattern. 

  • A one-color T-shirt may be more affordable than one that features a multi-color artwork or a complicated design that calls for a lot of details. Since the Vietnam t-shirt price of a T-shirt featuring a simple one-color design is typically less than that of a T-shirt with a multi-color theme or elaborate pattern.
  • If the T-shirt is bespoke-made and the design is one-of-a-kind or customized the Vietnam T-shirt price might change more to reflect the extra time and work required to make the custom product.

The number of t-shirts required to sew is also an essential consideration in Vietnam t-shirt price

The more you buy, the lower the Vietnam T-shirt price. The same is true when purchasing something or using a service.

  • Each business, such as a T-shirt sewing factory, will have different pricing regulations based on the quantity of T-shirts ordered. The Vietnam T-shirt price for buying Vietnam t-shirts wholesale will be substantially lower than the price for orders of a few hundred items.
  • Another key factor in influencing Vietnam T-shirt pricing is the cost of the materials used to create the t-shirts. The cost of the supplies required per t-shirt reduces as the quantity of t-shirts made increases. This is due to the fact that suppliers are acquired in large quantities, and the price per unit reduces as more supplies are purchased.

Vietnam t-shirt price can be influenced by factory size

The aforementioned elements are used to determine the Vietnam t-shirt price of creating uniforms, but the firm that creates the uniform is the most important factor in determining the price for producing the T-shirt.

  • If you choose a renowned and experienced sewing factory, you are going to be presented with T-shirts that are stitched using high-quality materials while maintaining a low Vietnam t-shirt price.
  • The effectiveness of the T-shirt manufacturing might also have an impact on the Vietnam t-shirt price. If a business uses old machinery or inefficient manufacturing techniques, it may take longer to make each T-shirt, increasing production costs and, eventually, raising consumer pricing.

How to Negotiate Vietnam t-shirt price with the manufacturers

Wholesalers generally negotiate Vietnam t-shirt price by considering a variety of factors, including order delivery time and payment terms. 

  • Order Quantity: The top Vietnam t-shirt manufacturers frequently provide lower Vietnam T-shirt price when larger orders are placed. The higher the value of the order, the greater the wholesaler’s bargaining strength to negotiate a cheaper price.
  • The type of cloth used in the garment influences the Vietnam T-shirt pricing. Wholesalers can negotiate a cheaper price by using a less expensive cloth or ordering in quantity.
  • The level of detail of the design for the t-shirt might also influence the pricing. Simple designs cost less for manufacturing than complex ones. Wholesalers can cut the Vietnam t-shirt price by reducing the design or ordering a larger number of a specific design.
  • Delivery Times: In some circumstances, offering flexible delivery timetables will help you negotiate a lower Vietnam t-shirt price. During the frequently occurring sluggish seasons, industries are thirsty for orders. They are going to be grateful if you fill up the manufacturing gaps for them and they’ll attempt to reward you in any way they can. The idea is to ask for a quick delivery schedule after which you wait for the company to tap-dance about getting full. Make a request for a copy of this manufacturing schedule.
How to bargain for a better Vietnam t-shirt price

Vinaz Garment is one of numerous sources of the best Vietnam t-shirt price

Vinaz Garment is a workshop that specializes in the manufacture of numerous T-shirt styles. 

  • Because of a trained manufacturing workforce and numerous years of experience, the brand ensures to meet all of the most stringent consumer needs. Vinaz Garment is a wonderful choice if you’re on the lookout for a manufacturing company with decades of expertise in Vietnam t-shirt price. 
  • Because Vinaz Garment manufactures all of its own products, you can be confident that you are receiving the best possible value directly from the company that makes them. Vinaz Garment is often the pickup place for fashion retailers, ordered uniforms, customized group t-shirts, as well as wholesale large quantities T-shirts around the country.


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